Mongolian BBQ

Recently, I went a mongolian BBQ restaurant with one of my friends for her birthday. She had claimed that it is one of her favorite places to eat, so I decided to review it for this week’s update. When I first walked in, I was a bit nervous. The restaurant lighting was dim and it was pretty empty. They had a station where you got your food and a room where the chefs cooked the food. It was pretty cool because the room has clear glass surrounding it, so we could see the chefs making our food.
When you order, you have the option of getting pocket biscuits with your meat. Pocket biscuits are like little packages made of bread that you put your meat and rice inside of.

IMG_0571So, at this restaurant, you basically serve yourself and they only really have one option: meat. They have a bar of different kinds of meat including pork, beef, turkey, and lamb. Here is the plot twist… the meat is frozen! When you choose the kind of meat you want, you self serve as much as you want into a bowl. They also have a bar of different kinds of vegetables and sauces (depending on how spicy you like your food) to eat with your meat. Once you have everything that you want in your bowl, you give it to the chefs and they cook your meat right in front of you! I thought it was really cool to watch them cook the food as we waited.

Along with the pocket biscuits we ordered wontons and eggrolls. The wontons came with sweet and sour sauce and spicy mustard. They weren’t cream cheese wontons, however. They had nothing inside of them, which I thought was a little strange. They were okay for me because I don’t like cream cheese, but they were very plain. The eggrolls that came with the dinner were also not very good, in my opinion. I can’t say what was in them, but the combination of flavors wasn’t very appealing.

To be completely honest with you, the food was okay. It wasn’t like, “Wow! This is so good!”, but it wasn’t bad either. If you like mongolian bbq or like to try new things, I would recommend trying it out.



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