One question that has haunted the minds of people for generations has been crossing my mind a lot lately: what is the purpose of life? There have been so many different debates and arguments about there being one true purpose of living, but what is it? I guess you can answer this question in a way that pertains to your life because all that really matters is how you live your own life. But have you ever wondered if there’s a point to this kind of life? You could of been an animal, a tree, or a flower, but you were made into you; is there a reason? Life is a beautiful thing and most people don’t know how to fully enjoy it. Society has created this illusion that people need to have money to be happy. People who are “happy” have tons of money and nice things and being able to buy certain things makes them feel joy. I recently read the book “Siddhartha” which really opened my eyes. In the book, Siddhartha goes on a journey to find true happiness, but goes through many challenges along the way. He ends up finding a beautiful women and obtains lots of money and a nice home, but realizes that even with these nice things, he still isn’t happy. I believe that most people now a days would be perfectly happy with lots of money and a nice home, but that isn’t the purpose of life. Of course, it is nice to have money and nice things, but you shouldn’t rely on money to be happy. I think that the problem with the world today is that people don’t know how to be happy without money. So, instead of living and enjoying life, people are focusing all of their energy on making money and doing whatever is takes to be wealthy.

Recently, I have been looking for the reason of life. Specifically, the reason of my life. I’ve actually found myself looking for a reason to get up in the morning or a reason to go to school. Life right now is such a drag and doing simple everyday activities is draining. Personally, I have been trying to figure out my purpose in life because, honestly, it’s been very hard to find one. Trying to balance being a high school honors student while being on two soccer teams and attempting to be somewhat social is very hard and it makes life really difficult. I believe this is why I enjoyed reading “Siddhartha” so much (which I highly recommend reading if you haven’t already). I related to the book in the sense that I also find myself becoming increasingly unhappy, even with all of the privileges I have been given in my life.

I believe that the purpose in life for everyone is to find happiness in yourself. Not in other people, not in other objects, but yourself. Only you can make yourself truly happy because you are the one thing that you are stuck with for the rest of your life. The Japanese religion, Shintoism, reflects the idea of following your own path and being independent in order to find your personal road to happiness. I feel that more people should consider this idea because life can be such a burden without happiness.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away.” -Pablo Picasso




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