SoCal Living

It seems like everyone has heard about the prime weather in Southern California, where it’s summer all year. All the sunshine and the world renowned beaches are irresistible for the common California tourist. However, unless you are from the area, most people don’t know how to deal with all the excitement (or the people). So I’m going to take a little time to share a few of my favorite spots to eat, relax, and escape the crowds from the perspective of a local. Here is your guide to Socal Living:

You cannot visit Southern California and not go to the beach at least once. Although Venice and all the beaches in the Los Angeles area are the place to be as a tourist, it is definitely a challenge to find a beach that is not overly crowded. Going off the grid and more into Orange County can be a great way to avoid the crowds. For example, there is a really cute and somewhat secluded beach down in Huntington Beach called Sunset Beach. It is just past the north side of Huntington State Beach and if you don’t know where it is you definitely will miss it. This is a great spot to escape the crowds and to catch a few rays of sunlight. Another more populated spot is the Huntington Beach Pier and Main Street HB. Depending on the day of the week, the pier can get pretty crowded but if you go on a weekday, you generally miss most of the people. If you do take a trip down the Main Street area make sure you check out Bruxie. It’s a really unique place perfect for breakfast, lunch, or just a midday snack. They specialize in making sandwiches and pretty much everything out of waffles. It’s absolutely delicious and I highly recommend checking it out! We have reviewed it in another post so check that out as well. It’s over on 5th Street, Huntington Beach just a few streets away from the pier.


One last go to place is Tio Flacos Tacos. This is a small family owned Mexican food restaurant found a little inland on Magnolia and Garfield. The staff is the friendliest in the neighborhood and the food is great. Their menu is a little on the small side and the portions are small as well, but the quality of the food and service is amazing. It’s a great place to go with your family and another place that I highly recommend before you leave the Socal area.


So on your next adventure, where will you go? Come check out Southern California and experience the beautiful beaches, the perfect weather, and the unique places to eat great food.


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