Manipulate the Crave

Just the other day, one of my friends was eating In N Out for lunch. She was eating her warm cheesy burger and her freshly made french fries. Then there was me, eating a peanut butter banana sandwich. The bananas were brown and peanut butter makes me nauseous. My sandwich was disgusting. When I tried to take the slices of banana out of the two pieces of bread, they kinda shredded like soggy, moldy cheese. I would look over at her lunch longingly and then back at my pathetic lunch and cry a little on the inside.


Okay here’s what I just did: I compared the two foods in a way that made you want the burger more than my brown soggy sandwich. Which is good because no one in their right mind should crave the sandwich that I described above. However, it is so interesting to me that people can manipulate our minds like that; to make us want something, not because we need it but because of the way it is presented. For example, take a look at the picture below and see how long you can last without wanting to eat all of it.

Look at this picture and try, just try and tell me you don’t want a donut. Now if you don’t like donuts you’re crazy but doesn’t this just make your mouth water??? And it’s just a picture. You can’t smell them, or feel them in your hands, or see someone taking a bite out of one. This is one of the crazy things about food and the mind. You can merely look at something and if it is presented correctly or in a pleasing manner, you immediately crave it. Now look at this donut fail.




It’s gross looking huh? This is just like the comparison between my sandwich and the other girl’s burger. This picture doesn’t make you want to eat a donut or even look at it anymore. Honestly, the whole thing makes me cringe and I apologize for putting it here but it makes my point. There is definitely an art of manipulating the mind through food and the food industry makes a huge profit off of it. For instance, you know all those commercials for restaurants with the food that makes your mouth water? The food probably isn’t as great as it’s cracked up to be. Companies have specialists come in and make their food look desirable. And it seems to be working! So I’m going to leave you with these questions.


What if we were all blind and we ate what tasted good and not just what looked good? How would our eating habits change? How would our diets change? Would they change for better or for worse?


Comment below and let me know what you think!! 🙂



One thought on “Manipulate the Crave

  1. It’s so hard to separate decoration from desire. When you see someone dressed nicely, you not only think “they look good” but you make judgements about their class, their sense of decorum, how much they value the event, etc… maybe people should pay just a little more attention to how they present their food… maybe.

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