Crafts, Crafts, and more Crafts!

Growing up, I always loved doing crafts. Whenever it rained, my sister and I would rush home from school, eat our snack, and immediately pull out “The Craft Box.” This special box consisted of things like pipe cleaners, glitter glue, colorful and glittery cotton balls, all sorts of goggly eyes, and a massive array of random craft things. In short, this box was a child’s dream. As you can imagine, we spent hours on end painting, gluing, and crafting all different special items which we would eventually give to mom that she would never use or remember which child made what but would treasure forever. So its pretty clear that crafts have been a big part of my life from a very very young age.


One specific craft that my sister and I did quite often is making homemade bird feeders. It’s an extremely simple activity to do with your kids or just on your own and it’s a great way to give back to the pretty birds in your community.


Materials needed:

Pinecones: any size or shape will work, even the pretty smelling ones work well

Peanut butter: You will need quite a bit depending on how many bird feeders you are making; you can use almond butter or any type of nut spread really.


A knife: it doesn’t need to be a steak knife by any means, a butter knife works just fine

Birdseed: You can also add dried corn, almonds, sunflower seeds, or anything you think a bird might enjoy.

How to make the bird feeder:

  1. Take the pinecone and tie the string on the top of it so that it can hang from something; a tree or the eves of your house, etc.
  2. Use the knife to smear a large amount of peanut butter on the pinecone. Try to get it all over the outside and there needs to be a thick layer. This layer allows the seed to stick better.
  3. Roll the pinecone in the birdseed and your extra ingredients in a pie tin or a paper plate, so that all of the surface of the peanut butter is covered.
  4. Set to dry for a couple hours or overnight on a piece of wax paper, allowing the peanut butter to set and harden.
  5. Hang it from a tree or from the eves of your roof and watch the birds come flocking to your little masterpiece.


This was one of my favorite childhood crafts and I hope that it will become one of your favorites as well. Once you try it, comment below with a picture! I’d love to see how it turned out!

-R 🙂


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