My Name


Let’s start with my first name, Eden. My dad is an only child. However, he used to have a sister. Her name was Lucinda Eden LaClair. Unfortunately, she died at 18 months old. When I was born, my dad wanted to name me after his little sister, who he missed dearly. My parents did not like the name Lucinda, so they named me Eden, after her middle name. The name Eden also comes the Bible. The “Garden of Eden” represents paradise, and my parents thought that this went perfectly with my, considering I was their first child.

My middle name, Elizabeth, comes from my great grandma, Elizabeth Potter. She is 93 years old and still going strong. My mom wanted to name me after her because she looked up to my great grandma when she was growing up because she was such a strong and brave woman.

All I can say about my last name, LaClair, is that it is french and goes back a long time. My family has a book of “LaClairs” at my house that lists all of the people with the last name LaClair, going back many generations.

I honestly love where my name came from and the story behind it. The fact that I am named after such important figures in both of my parents’ lives makes me feel like I can live up to the name and become important figure in someone else’s life.



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