In the beginning of school, we did an activity with our “SQUID” books in Ap English. SQUID books are basically composition books where we Question, Unite, Investigate, or Delight after reading a certain piece of text.
In this activity, we picked activities or events that were important to us, mine being soccer and traveling. We then read an article about art and writing in class together and watched a video about a little kid making a movie, which were. both really powerful. After we read and watched the video, on the left side of the paper, we picked a quote from the text or video that related to the activity that we picked. I related the quote “scared is scared of the things you like” to playing soccer because whenever I am in a situation that makes me scared or uncomfortable, I think of how soccer makes me happy, and the bad thoughts go away. I also related the quote “we expand our thinking and concept of what thinking is” to traveling because I think of traveling as expanding my knowledge of the world by experiencing new cultures and places.
I found this activity so fun and helpful because being able to take text or videos and relate it to something is such a useful tool for writing.


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