Do you have one special place that you love with all of your heart and consider it your home, even though you don’t live there? For me, that place is Michigan. My mom grew up in Michigan and we have gone there for every vacation opportunity given, because that is where our family lives. My mom moved away to California for college, but her entire family stayed in Michigan. Now, we go every chance we get, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

For everyone who lives in California, Michigan seems like some crazy place that actually has water to spare. It is so beautiful. From the open farm land, to thick green forests, to lakes and streams, even the small neighborhoods hold so much beauty and wonder. I could   wander around for hours and hours, admiring the scenary that you just can’t experience in California.

Michigan is the place that I consider my home, depsite me not actually living there. If I could, I would move there in a heart beat, because it is a place where I feel safe and happy. Nothing can ever compare to the feeling I have when I am with my family in Michigan, whether we be out on an adventure or staying inside and playing cards. Michigan will always and forever be my home.


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