New Friends

Recently in AP Biology, we did an expierement that involved baby feeder mice. And when I say baby, I mean barely 3 days old. Most people would say, “ew, you had to touch mice?” However, I thought they were the CUTEST THINGS EVER. They were not even the size of my pinky and hadn’t even opened their eyes yet. They crawled around on your hand and made cute little squeaking noises when they wanted attention.

When the expierement was over, the question was asked:

“Who wants to keep a baby mouse?”

I think my hand shot in the air faster than you could say the word “me”. I had completely fell in love with one certain mouse, who I named Sherman. There was no way I could let him go, so I carried him with me all over my high school until I was able to go home after soccer practice. Sherman now lives happily with me at home where he is safe and comfortable.

Don’t be afraid to make new friends, no matter what they are, because good friends can be found anywhere. 🙂


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