Escape Room

For my friend’s birthday, I went to an escape room with a group of 5 people. I had no idea what to expect, but I was actually kind of nervous to find out what we had to do. The one that my friend chose ended up being a murder mystery sort of thing, which I though was really cool. Basically the goal was simple, to find the key that unlocked the door to escape the room. We had exactly one hour and it was only one room. We all thought it was going to be pretty easy, considering we had five people and it looked like a small room. When we finally entered the room and were locked in, our thoughts changed. First of all, the room itself was super creepy. It was dark, made weird sounds, and was cold. It was also way more complicated that we thought it would be. There were tons of locked boxes that required keys, weird numbers on the walls with corresponding clocks, and even things written on certain places that required a black light flash light that was hidden in the room. We did eventually find the last key, and escaped the room at the very last second before time was up. Overall, the experience was super fun and exciting. If you like solving puzzles, figuring things out, and adventure, I would definitely recommend trying one out! Surprisingly, there are escape rooms all over SoCal, so go out and try one!


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