Recently, I had to do an interview with my granddad for an english assignment. At first, I thought it was pretty dumb. Why should I waste my thanksgiving break doing an interview with someone I see all the time? Of course, being the good student I am, I did the interview, and it really surprised me. It made me realize that I actually don’t know anything about my granddad. I went on to ask him questions about his childhood and such, and it was so interesting to see how different his life was. At the end of the interview, he thanked me for letting him remember and share some of his favorite memories. This is what really hit home for me. He remembers so much of his amazing life and doesn’t get to share them usually because no one cares enough to ask. The next time you see your grandparent or relative, ask them about their favorite memories. You’d be surprised how much it would mean to them.


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