In North Dakota, there is a 1,172 mile long oil pipeline under construction on sacred Native American tribal sites. Thousands of people have been holding their ground and protesting the construction of this oil pipeline and I am very interested to see what will happen next. The police are now calling the protests “riots” because people are “breaking the law” to get  what they want. The government has already attempted to step in, as Obama’s administration requested a voluntary halt of construction, but the oil pipeline continued to be built. The police have been resulting towards violence to get the crowds to calm down, but the protesters are remaining strong and fighting for what they believe in. After reading a small article about this event, I am very curious and want to investigate deeper into the situation. I would like to know what company is behind this pipeline and what the company thinks of the situation. I would also like to know what the police are going to do if the protesters do not stop…


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