Recently, I listened to a podcast which talked about an experiment that was conducted with college students regarding social media. In this study, the college students were shown the title of an article along with a picture on a social media account, and they had to determine, just by looking at the title and picture, determine if the article was legit. The results showed that 80% of the students said yes. After reviewing, we learned that the article was complete bogus.

This study brought something interesting to my attention that most people don’t think about: majority of the people on the internet do not know how to tell if what they are reading is true or not. People scroll through thousands of different tweets or posts and like them without even giving the content of the writing a second thought. There are manipulative people in the world and they will target people who will believe anything they see on the internet that looks real. I believe that people should be taught how to determine if the things they see on the internet are real, and a good way to do that would be by using social media in schools more often. Students can share their ideas and work with the world by using social media to publish them, while learning how to find other people’s work that is legitimate.


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