Social Classes

I recently read an article called “The Upper Muddle” in which the author wrote about how the classes of society are separated when they should not be. She went to school with kids who got fancy cars and tons of money while had financial aid and a beat up station wagon. However, she was considered in the “middle class” because her parents made a steady income. She then realized that being in the “upper class” is not completely determined by how much money you have or how many things you have. It is how you present yourself.

I loved this source because it shows that it does not matter how much you have, but how you treat others and present yourself. The author got to see both the upper half and lower half of social classes, and with seeing how the wealthy did not care about anyone but themselves, she realized that personality and character matter more than materials, and I personally believe that everyone should hear this message and realize that social classes do not matter.


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