I recently watched a video about the value of playtime. The speaker argued that playtime for children is SO important, because playing is when children can be creative and learn to solve conflicts by communicating. Children also develop valuable skills and learn different things through the freedom of playing.

In this video, the speaker also brought up the fact that children of these recent generations are being deprived of this valued playtime because of many reasons, such as too much school, less places to play, etc. The reason that stood out to me the most was fear. When my parents were children, they had the freedom to leave the house and go where ever they legs and imaginations would take them, as long as they were home by dinner. Now a days, parents are so afraid to let their kids out of their sight, which deprives the kids of freedom to play. Parents are so busy with work and other things, they rarely have time to take their kids to the park to play.

My question is… is the fear rational? Should these parents be afraid to allow their kids to be outside without supervision?

In my opinion, the world is a scary place. The world is full of bad people who will take an innocent child who is playing outside without an adult watching. Parents should be afraid to leave their kids outside without supervision. It makes me so sad to think that we cannot trust the people in the world enough to let our kids play freely.

If you have any thoughts on the subject, leave your opinions in the comments!


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