Over the course of having this blog, I would day I’ve written about a broad variety of different topics. There have been so many interesting discussions I’ve had in class, but also I have had my fair share of blog posts that are purely from my head. I have used the “delight” category of the SQUID posts the most, and occasionally the “question” category.

delightThroughout my writing, I have noticed that when writing a SQUID post, I always will open my post somehow incorporating the article/podcast we read in class. When I am writing personal ideas, I open with something more personal. I think this is because I want the readers to know when the ideas are mine, or when I’m simply talking about something specific, like an article. I have also found that my blog post always have a personal tone. For example, I try to add a strong opinion to my writing in order to make the readers feel somewhat connected. 


I returned to the topic of life a lot in my writing. Life is big and scary, but also beautiful. I think that connecting my writing to life broadens the topic a lot, but it also connects my writing to something bigger, which makes it seem more important. I returned to the “delight” category of SQUID a lot, mostly because I found it difficult to use the other categories. The delight category allowed me to simply share how I felt about the article, which I enjoyed a lot.

This was a blog post I did recently that I can still talk so much about. The speaker that we listened to brought up something that I had never thought about before, but it was so important. Children need playtime. People have stopped giving children the playtime they NEED, and its affecting society.


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