Rachel is an interesting person. I met her through soccer when we were little kids. Now, years later, we are very close friends and still play soccer together in high school. She is super caring and sweet, but also probably the weirdest person I know. She tells me the funniest and most random things, just because she knows they’ll make me laugh. We have the best conversations because we can both say literally whatever comes to our minds and not get judged by each other. I do not pretend to understand her mind, because it is so complicated and filled with ideas. However, I love the way her mind works and would never ask her to change.

She is always there, whether I need help with homework or help coping with sadness. She is the type of person who will send you pictures of cute dogs when you’re having a bad day, or bring you ice cream when a boy makes you cry. She is the most selfless person I know. She will do anything for you in a heartbeat and not asking for anything in return, because she cares so much about other people. I have never met anyone who compares to Rachel because she is so unique in so many ways. I am so grateful to have a friend like her and hope to continue to stay friends with her forever.


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