I have recently been introduced to “zines,” which are short magazines that are used as a method of political organizing in activist cultures and sub cultures. They have been around for a while, apparently, but I have never even heard of them until just last week. Some libraries actually have collections of zines, but most are supposed to be kept in the library because they are considered rare. They’re usually short, length depening on the writer but around 20 pages or so. The topics can be about literally anything the writer chooses, and I mean anything. I met someone who has a series of zines about zebras and pizza. I think they are really cool, fun ways to express yourself and publish your ideas. There is no right or wrong way to make a zine, so anyone can make one. There are so many libraries who will take donations of zines, so it is very easy to “publish” your zine and have people see your work. I think everyone should make one because they’re super creative and an awesome way to share ideas.


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